OEM - Aprilia - Moped - 1992 - Pegaso 50 GT and LS

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Category: Electrical system

Wiring harness
Electrical system-Wiring harness

Category: Engine

Clutch cover - Oil pump
Engine-Clutch cover - Oil pump
Crankcase - clutch -transmission 3 s n/p
Engine-Crankcase - clutch -transmission 3 s n/p
Crankshaft - cylinder
Engine-Crankshaft - cylinder
Exhaust system
Engine-Exhaust system
Starting motor
Engine-Starting motor
Transmission 5 gear model r
Engine-Transmission 5 gear model r

Category: Frame

Handlebar - Controls
Frame-Handlebar - Controls

Category: Suspensions - Wheels

Front Fork
Suspensions - Wheels-Front Fork
Front wheel
Suspensions - Wheels-Front wheel
Rear swing arm
Suspensions - Wheels-Rear swing arm
Rear Wheel
Suspensions - Wheels-Rear Wheel