OEM - Beta - Scooter - 2007 - Ark LC Red-Silver 50

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Air filter
-Air filter
Chassis-Central stand
-Chassis-Central stand
Cooling system
-Cooling system
Crankcase - Crankshaft - Carter
-Crankcase - Crankshaft - Carter
Cylinder- piston
-Cylinder- piston
Driving pulley - Driven Pulley
-Driving pulley - Driven Pulley
Electrical devices
-Electrical devices
Flywh.magn. - Water pump
-Flywh.magn. - Water pump
Front wheel-Rear wheel
-Front wheel-Rear wheel
Fuel tank-Oil tank
-Fuel tank-Oil tank
Not illustrated parts
-Not illustrated parts
Oil pump - Carburettor
-Oil pump - Carburettor
Protection covers
-Protection covers
Rear wheel axle
-Rear wheel axle