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Olie filter HO-kawa Ø Extérieur: 0,Longueur: 0,Couleur: Noir,Conditionnement: 0 null - Champion - 97F302

Ø Extérieur: 0,Longueur: 0,Couleur: Noir,Conditionnement: 0
Name: Olie filter HO-kawa
Ø Extérieur: 0,Longueur: 0,Couleur: Noir,Conditionnement: 0
Brand: Champion
OEM: 97F302
SKU: AF97F302
Delivery time: 5 days.

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Product description

Buy this new Champion Olie filter HO-kawa 97F302 now, Best prices, Worldwide shipping, Fast delivery.


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Champion makes high-quality components and forms the basis of every Champion filtration solution.

All Champion filters, including Champ's oil filters, air filters, interior air filters, fuel filters and transmission filters, meet or exceed the strictest requirements for filter constructions. The current automotive rely on Champ filters for maximum protection of vital engine components and for exceptional performance over the lifetime of the filter.

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In addition to OEM parts Motorparts also offers aftermarket parts. With these products, we expand our range and we can supply components that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to get our hand ons. At Goparts we have a wide range of aftermarket parts and accessories for your scooter, moped, motorcycle and other vehicles. In the text below, you can find answers to some questions about aftermarket products. Is your question not answered below? Please contact us!

What's Aftermarket?

Aftermarket parts are parts made by another supplier. These are copies of the original. Aftermarket parts can be cheaper this way, or replace a product that is no longer available. This allows us to maintain an extensive range of products.

What is the difference between OEM and Aftermarket?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. An OEM product is made for one or more specific brands and models and authorized by the vehicle manufacturer. These manufacturer ensures that the products meet the requirements and specifications for the parts fit perfectly. Aftermarket products and parts are replacement parts made by a supplier other than the OEM parts. Aftermarket is often used in OEM products that are not available or hard to get your hands on.

Does the term Aftermarket affect the quality?

The term Aftermarket says nothing about the quality of the product. Many providers produce with the OEM specifications and even exceed, sometimes it may be less. The purpose of aftermarket parts is to produce them as close as possible to the original. The difference is sometimes not even noticeable .

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